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    About Us

    We are the unsung heroes of Competitive business intelligence and analytics, Healthcare services, agile practices, location focussed mobile apps and high performance web 3.0 applications. Unsung, since for a long time we remained a small team of closely knit developers working with established yet limited list of clients and partners focussed on building great products.

    Over the years our white labeled products, outsourcing services and customer focussed efforts have propelled some of the players in European and US markets into stratosphere through sheer quality, customer focus, optimized business alignment and strong customer support or in short incredible value for money

    Access our MarketScape Ensarm partnership - Whitepaper

    About Us

    Our expertise with agile lean practices are accentuated through our Open sourced agile management tool engile popularly used by software development companies around the world for efficient planning, tracking and execution of projects using agile approach.

    Efficient application of agile for distributed teams - Whitepaper

    About Us

    Our fully automated best of class development processes perfected through years of experiments and research give us an edge over other development teams across the world. Entirely based on open source tools with ability to work with multiple proprietary platforms, ensarm development process reduces project risks, saves valuable money and resources for clients by providing real time visibility, efficient collaboration, quick iterations and ongoing deliveries.

    A team of 14 developers created almost 100 releases in a single month for a startup incubation project recently.

    Ensarm development processes - Whitepaper and case study

    About Us

    ResearchDelta, a path breaking tool built by us provides new way for enterprises purchasing market research to efficiently manage their workflows around purchase, storage, retrieval, license compliance, collaboration for market research reports. Currently it aggregates and manages more than a million research report from providers across the world.

    Built on top of popular open source platforms such as Solr, mysql, tomcat, hbase its efficiency in managing custom taxonomy, search and filter performance and collaboration capabilities are unmatched.

    Managing data and formats efficiently with opensource - Whitepaper

    About Us

    Over the years developing the same components again and again became a chore, monotonous and inefficient. We realized classes, components, patterns and designs are good but not enough in saving our hours. Welcome to appops. A new way of developing scalable efficient.

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