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Enterprise embraces the cloud
Seems like Cloud computing is catching up with the enterprise market fast. Amazon released enterprise support packs for their web hosting EC2 and storage solutions S3 in response to enterprise customers along with a service health dashboard. This early adoption of cloud computing in the enterprise segment is excellent news for all those cloud computing service providers.

On techcrunch : Red carpet Support

More money from search among fears of recession slowing down google
Google made a neat earning of 1.31 billion $ in net income blowing away all those rumors of a recession hit google slowdown. Hopefully this will accelerate Google App progress. With a deal with Yahoo on the near horizon Google is definitely geared up to strengthen its search earnings for a good time to come. This might mean more money into Google research which in turn brings in fresh products faster from Google on to table.

Sun to close source MySQL 
So did you download your copy of MySQL source already? Though this is bad news for all those web app developers looking for a super and free database solution Sun really doesn’t have any options after forking out a billion to acquire MySQL. Now it seems its time to jump wagon and hop on to postgres. But how does it effect existing users of MySQL? This is another billion dollar question. Any clues?

Milking Outlook
What is the easiest way to reach enterprise users without wooing the enterprise? Create an Add in to Outlook. And all seem to be hell bent on using this route. NewsGator released inbox 3.0 a feedreader that sits inside Outlook for free. Thank you for your attention !

Yahoo joins the Analytics show
Wrestling out of the big brother’s grip is going to take much more than a deal with google and yahoo is busy working on it.

Innovation from the unexpected quarter
I like this idea from Microsoft. ExP Microsoft Experimentation platform.

The cloud is Getting hotter
Zoho releases a CRM product trying to go after SalesForce. May the best win. Definitely a winner addition for Zoho.

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