December 11, 2013 | Posted in:tools

Using an ant script to add license terms to project specific java source files

Team at Ensarm has been engaged over the years in multitudes of project. Some thriving open source ones and many client specific ones, code of which are guarded with our lives.

Over a period of time while releasing open source projects / code bases to developers outside, its critical for us to make sure licensing terms are crystal clear. Same applies to client specific projects although license terms are different and are governed by Service contracts in place.

Either way its critical to make sure that all license terms are clear in each and every piece of source code you share. And it may not happen that easily as you are developing your code to remember addition of such terms into each and every file. And after you have written hudreds / thousands of lines of code it can be a challenge to add such license / disclaimer to each and every source file.

You can download the script here.

Do change the .txt file extension into .xml after you download. You can use the contact us form on the right to send us any questions.

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