December 9, 2013 | Posted in:Uncategorized

enwelib – our pathbreaking approach to develop enterprise apps goes opensource

Its been years and tens of projects since we developed and used enwelib. It all started with a need to build a CRM project way back 2008 when we realized GWT was the best client library out there to develop such an app. Just as we set out to work on the CRM app commissioned by a client we realized the endless possibilities of creating a highly reusable and simple library that can make our life easy.

Multitudes of our own past products and project put enwelib and its successive versions to good use.

And time has come for team at Ensarm Solutions to thank the opensource communities for great products such as GWT / Hibernate / MySQL by making enwelib free for all and opensource based.

Its a perfectly usable library for straight forward data driven apps.

As we prepare the necessary documentation to help you figure out the canards of the entire effort, you can lookup the github repo named enwelib to find more information.

We will be writing more about it and its successor AppOps soon.

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View a snapshot here