Redefining, optimizing Agile and lean practices through thorough application

“Key difference between agile and other practices is while most other practices drive and define how teams work to produce results efficiently, teams drive, define and deliver how agility and thus efficient results are achieved”

- Debasish Padhy, Founder, Ensarm solutions

We at ensarm see agile as an area agnostic methodology. In practice Agile can be applied to any type or kind of project and collaborative effort where a small or large team of people. Our endeavour over the years has been focussed around validating and refining agile principles. Certain projects and efforts might look like they are not agile ready to begin with and may need groundwork preparation before we can kick off applying actual agile practices. But in essence all projects start very small and then ramp up as we move ahead which is a founding principle of agile i.e. build small, validate, iterate. We believe we have mastered the art of the small iteration principle that give us a distinct edge while executing complex projects that have lack of clarity in scope and direction to begin with.

We also love to share our retrospection results through various posts on this site. Feel free to read them to the right of this page.