November 30, 2012 | Posted in:Uncategorized

Two months have passed by since we opened up this blog and it has been an exciting journey all the way as if these two months never existed. Be it the laughs in the office, or the all the new technologies that we are digging around with or the tools that we have been evaluating or those few super fun ideas that we have been messing around with, its been an wonderful and fulfilling time. Quantifying what have we accomplished in these two months is a task as I figured, since a lot of the results have been intangible as it seems.

In short

i. We have managed to build a code base using GWT and java worth about a few thousand lines. Not bad :) . I hope folks at our client end are able to appreciate it too.

ii. We built SawOutlook V0.1 in its beta (more information at

using C# with Outlook and Google Contacts API. Though some kinks are yet to be sorted out it does cool job when it comes to what it is supposed to be doing i.e.Synchronizing Outlook Contacts with your Google account. Currently supported only for Outlook 2003.

iii. We also played with SubVersion and started using our own copy effectively with both Eclipse and Visual Studio and inturn have made some concrete progress in using various tools and processes to fine tune our development process. Eclipse rocks while Visual Studio *****.

iv. A lot of XML script coding has passed under the bridge during these two months and has enriched our understanding of XML, XPath and various tools that can use it.

v. We researched number of various Web 2.0 platforms including Amazon EC2, S3, suite of Google API’s among others.

vi. We also mastered at least the documented API’s of MS Outlook 2003. I can’t thank my friends in Italy enough to initiate me on this.

A long and exciting journey awaits us as we make progress into the world of GWT/AJAX, Hibernate/SQL, Google/Amazon/Facebook/Yahoo/Microsoft web API’s along with MS Outlook and application interfaces.

Long live OOPS, REST, AJAX, SVN, VS, Eclipse, XML, SawOutlook… I am horrified thinking we are going to run out of not only domain names but also syllables and words to name our next products. On the other hand never mind if we do since soon we will have softwares to interpret graphic sign languages :)

You may look forward to our various tool evaluation reports and other product releases in next few weeks to come. As they happen we will update you through this blog.