Debasish Padhy

Founder, Chief Architect

Debasish, a serial entrepreneur at heart has over 15 years of experience in developing businesses, large scale and complex applications, frameworks, platforms in the areas of enterprise management and is a well known name in the technology world. He is personally accountable and available for all projects and contracts assigned to ensarm solutions and irrespective of assigned project leader he is responsible for making sure your project meets your vision and delivers value for money in time.

Inline with ensarm culture he is a hands on architect & developer with deep expertise on many Java based technologies including Spring, GWT, JSF. He has been instrumental behind mulitple successful, popular frameworks, practices, products and publications.

You can read more about them on our blog, where he is a frequent contributor.

Nairutee Tamakuwala

Client relations and account management

Meet Nairutee. A key driver and facilitator of all client interactions and engagement. She is with Ensarm Solutions since inception looking after key client relations, multiple product and project delivery efforts.

She is available to quickly assist you with a quote and to get you started with your requirements. Subsequently she will be your point person for all your interactions and needs from Ensarm Solutions.

Victoria Pal

Concept, Design Strategist and ideator

Victoria takes pride in understanding, shaping your business, product concept and how people perceive them. She also plays a key role in making sure products, projects developed by us are perfectly aligned with your business vision and defines the User experience and branding strategies needed.

She is a hands on designer specializing in video editing, user interface design and other content development activities.

Komal Goyal

Architecture, Design and code quality

Komal, a veteran at ensarm solutions is your key point person for all architectural, design decisions. She has expert hands on skills on multiple platforms, technologies, languages and is a key driver of most of ensarm design and architecture choices.

With a hawk eye for details she is committed to make sure your investments in code, products, projects are paid back over the decades and not years.

Milind Bharambe

Development and delivery

Milind’s commitment to time and consistency is legendary. In his years at ensarm solutions we haven’t seen him late once in any of his endeavors. Be it a casual meeting with a friend or your project sprint delivery plan.

His friendly manners are accentuated by his ability to facilitate, coordinate, execute sprint plans and assist developers in finding bugs, solutions effortlessly.

He has a deep appreciation for entity and data management subjects and contributes to ensarm blog frequently.

Mahesh More

Development and delivery

Mahesh ability to identify and solve a spike in advance earns him deep respect among the ensarm team.

He looks after development of delivery of multiple web and mobile applications with his teams. His ability to craft superior UX is unmatched.

He also contributes to ensarm blog through his insightful posts about various cloud integration topics.

Kamalakar Kale

Quality and performance

An ex symantec quality team member, Kamalakar makes sure your applications behave flawlessly, better than expected and responds to scaling needs without a hitch.

His past experience in quality control activities with use of Selenium, load and stress test tools and approaches help him execute his responsibilities effortlessly.

Pallavi Bhosale

Senior developer, Configuration, build, sccs automation and management

Pallavi is a champion of multiple tools and code, build management platforms such as Ant, Git, Maven, Hudson, Cruise control, SVN among others alongside being an efficient experienced developer.

Amit Jadhav

Facilitation, Systems And Support

Amit is takes pride in looking after wellbeing of systems, personnel and facilities.

Nitish Borade

Senior developer, Components

Over years working with us, Nitish has perfected skills of building component architectures and components. A hands on geek who loves to drive teams to build new components and libraries alike.